CLIA Lab Dedicated to IVD Research

Overseen by Dr. Michael Samoszuk, the RDI lab and our lab partners can order almost any test for your research project or serve as a testing site for your clinical trial.

Our CLIA lab in California + 4 lab partners allow us to:


Serve as a clinical site for validation and verification studies


Collect remnant samples from labs that see over 2+ million tests annually


Test research samples and accommodate project requests (media, instrument or handling)


Provide flexible lab space to place RUO instruments and/or purchase them for projects

RDI’s California CLIA Lab

  • RDI’s wholly-owned CLIA lab in Los Angeles
  • Small but growing assay menu with ability to add instruments and validate assays on client’s requests
  • Co-located with large reference lab with annual test volume of 2 million samples

National Lab Partner I 

  • RDI can access one of the largest test menus in the U.S
  • Consistent testing for samples collected anywhere in the U.S.

Regional CLIA Lab Partner I

  • Founded in 1996
  • Provides testing throughout Central and Southern CA, Nevada and American Samoa
  • Specializing in Women’s Health, Molecular Testing and Pathology

Regional CLIA Lab Partner II

  • Physician-owned 7000+ square feet laboratory
  • Provides testing throughout California with a focus on  gastrointestinal and gynecological pathology

Regional CLIA Lab Partner III

  • Largest NY/NJ Independent In-Network Diagnostic Laboratory
  • Provides testing throughout New York and New Jersey through 17 different locations
  • Specializing in a wide range of specialties (e.g. Cardiology, Nephrology, Oncology/Hematology , Infectious Disease)

Browse our equipment available for your trial


Device Category Device Name RDI Availability
Chemistry Beckman Coulter Olympus AU480 In-Network
Chemistry Beckman Coulter Olympus 5800 In-Network
Chemistry Siemens Healthineers Advia 1800 Dedicated
Chemistry ESA Lead Analyzer In-Network
Chemistry Roche Cobas e 411 Dedicated
Hematology Siemens Healthineers ADVIA 120 In-Network
Hematology Abbott Cell-Dyne 3200 In-Network
Hematology Beckman Coulter Coulter LH 750 In-Network
Hematology Becton Dickinson Facscount In-Network
Hematology Hematek 1000 Slidestainer In-Network
ImmunoChemistry Siemens Healthineers IMMULITE 2000 In-Network
ImmunoChemistry Siemens Healthineers Centaur XP Dedicated
ImmunoChemistry Siemens Healthineers Centaur XPT In-Network
ImmunoChemistry Siemens Healthineers Atellica IM In-Network
ImmunoChemistry Siemens Healthineers SMS Vista In-Network
ImmunoChemistry Abbott Elyse In-Network
ImmunoChemistry Abbott IMx In-Network
ImmunoChemistry Abbott Architect In-Network
ImmunoChemistry Beckman Coulter Access 2 In-Network
ImmunoChemistry Biosite Triage meter plus In-Network
ImmunoChemistry Biomerieux miniVidas Blue In-Network
ImmunoChemistry DiaSorin Liaison In-Network
ImmunoChemistry Intron DX Hydrogamma16 In-Network
ImmunoChemistry Medica EasylyteElectrolysis In-Network
ImmunoChemistry Roche Cobas e411 In-Network
Urinalysis Iris iQ 200 In-Network
Urinalysis Iris iChem VELOCITY In-Network
Coagulation Siemens Healthineers Sysmex CA-1500 In-Network
Coagulation Beckman Coulter ACL Advance In-Network
Coagulation Beckman Coulter ACL 1000 In-Network
Coagulation Beckman Coulter IL ACL 100 & ACL 3000 In-Network
Hemoglobin A1C Biorad Variant Turbo II In-Network
Hemoglobin A1C Tosoh G7 In-Network
Electrophoresis Epson Hi-Res Gel Scanner In-Network
Electrophoresis Sebia Hydrasys Gel Electrophoresis System In-Network
Molecular Diagnostics Abbott M2000 In-Network
Molecular Diagnostics Abbott M2000RT In-Network
Molecular Diagnostics Abbott Commander In-Network
Molecular Diagnostics Abbott Reader In-Network
Molecular Diagnostics ABI 3100DNA sequencer In-Network
Molecular Diagnostics ABI Gene Amp2400 In-Network
Molecular Diagnostics ABI Prism SDS7000 In-Network
Molecular Diagnostics ABI 9700 Dual Head PCR In-Network
Molecular Diagnostics BioFire FilmArray Dedicated
Molecular Diagnostics Cepheid GeneXpert Dedicated
Molecular Diagnostics GeneProbe Leader 450I In-Network
Molecular Diagnostics GeneProbe Tirgis In-Network
Molecular Diagnostics GeneProbe Robatic System In-Network
Molecular Diagnostics Life Technology Quant Studio 12K In-Network
Molecular Diagnostics Eppindorf EP5075 In-Network
Molecular Diagnostics Roche Cobas Amplicor In-Network
Molecular Diagnostics Roche Magna Pure 96 In-Network
Molecular Diagnostics Roche Magna Pure LC In-Network
Molecular Diagnostics Kodak EDAS 290 Gel System In-Network
Molecular Diagnostics Luminex 100 & 200Xmp In-Network