Grow your practice with research

RDI has helped hundreds of physicians make clinical trials a seamless part of their practice

Contribute to tomorrow's medicine

Play a part in tomorrow’s medical advancements. When you provide access to patient samples through your practice, you help scientists develop novel diagnostic tests and make existing ones more accurate and reliable.

Strengthen your practice and improve patient care

Research strengthens your business. It provides a new, non-insurance-based revenue stream, and access to advance treatments and blood donation opportunities keep patients coming back to your office. Making research a part of your practice also provides stability in the changing insurance reimbursement landscape.

How to become
Research-Ready with RDI

Start Simple

RDI offers some of the simplest studies you can imagine–a single blood draw. These sample collection studies are a great way to add research revenue and get your staff familiar with clinical trial paperwork. Sample collection requests are fast — you can start and finish a study in a month.

Expand into complex trials

As RDI learns your practice and patient base, we will connect you to a variety of research sponsors who will reimburse you and your patients for their time. The longer studies come with higher reimbursements for your time and RDI makes this seamless by managing the entire process for you from beginning to end.

“I have always been interested in research as a way to contribute back to medicine and RDI’s sample collection studies have been the perfect way. The blood draws are simple and fit right along side my standard of care. They keep my staff busy, patients like donating, and the reimbursements add a meaningful additional income stream to my practice.”

Dr. Farid Yasharpour
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