IVD product
development requires a
specialized approach

With RDI, you benefit from a partner that is dedicated to the IVD research process and truly understands the complexity of the IVD development life cycle. We have an unrivaled depth of experience in IVD studies, including health and diseased; diverse populations across demographics and geography; and prospective, remnant, or contrived samples.

With RDI, you can streamline the patient and sample journey, accelerating the IVD verification and validation process.

Rely on RDI to Accelerate
Your Research

We make research easier for sites, which means we have access to a wider network. Through insurance claims data, we engage the right providers with the right study and verify feasibility forms with actual data. This allows more accurate project timelines, more efficient startup, and faster enrollment to streamline your IVD product development process.

Full Assay Experience

RDI’s collection and testing experience spans the full assay menu, as well as novel de novo assays in over 170 trials in the past 15+ years. With physicians and labs across specialties, we fulfill requests quickly, across sample types.

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RDI stands out as one of the only collaborative, full-service partners dedicated to IVD research. Our focus and expertise position us to pave a clear path to FDA clearance for your product. Backed by vast resources and a commitment to transparent partnership, we are the trusted choice for IVD development.

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